Sunday, May 2, 2010

Be Clean

Sundays are great for a lot of reasons. I feel like it is a clean start for me, my schedule, my family, my house, my goals, my goodness!! I grew up with a children's song that sang "Saturday is a special day, it's the day we get ready for Sunday..." it goes on to talk about the many things we can do to prepare for Sunday in order to make it the best day of the week. While I may not prepare as well as I could or probably should, Sundays are the desserts of our days and we cherish them.

Benny's bath time, especially on Sunday, reminds me that I love to get things done--even things that I might tend to put off for later (as Benny likes to do with his baths). President Hinckley taught us to "be clean" among other things, and that is how I hope our family will always be. And while I'd like to use this to remind the kids to do better in their rooms, I hope more so, that they will remember to always try to do better in their hearts. To be clean from judging others and free to encourage; to be clean from fear and free with confidence; to be clean from mental clutter and free with order in their lives.

He that hath clean hands and a pure heart shall ascend unto the hill of the Lord, Ps. 24:3-5

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