Monday, April 26, 2010

Growing-Up, Books, and Prom

Some quick thoughts on each of the kids this week:

Benny started going to nursery this month! He loves it. It's that simple. He seems to know what to do and where to go as if he were prepared somehow, to make that big step! The first week, I didn't know what to expect when I brought him in. The ladies said I might expect to stay for a few minutes with him and let him get used to the place, and then leave. They warned me he might cry, but probably not too long. He didn't even wave good-bye. He went straight to the table, found his chair, and started in on a puzzle. Beginners luck? No. The second and third week were followed similarly. He appears to be quite social and fits in well with the kids. Whew! Another milestone for Benny-boy, and we are on our way to the next one.

Tori-Laine and I were going to sell her hundreds of books. She said they were too much of a temptation (she REALLY gets sucked in to the books and sometimes forgets about her real-life). So we posted them and sold the first couple collections. I have never felt so much regret in all my life. She grew up with these books! She is who she is, partly because of these stories! What was I thinking? Long story short, I cleared shelf space in my office, and have vowed to read them all myself. I have never really been one to "make" time for pleasure reading, but am finding it nice to read a chapter here and there--catching glimpses of Tori's world from time to time.

Dania attended her Junior prom this weekend. She went with her very good friend Jacob, and they looked fabulous together. Everyone at school thought the "double redhead" idea was cute, but I think they were even cuter for who they were on the inside. Two great friends, each hoping the other had the perfect day, and they did. It started with a group horse-back ride up some mountain trails--Dania had a BLAST! Then after getting ready, they were off for pictures in the orchards (in their formals), Italian dining, Prominade, the dance itself, and crepes at a friend's house afterward. Dania looked stunning (in my unbiased motherly opinion) and Jacob was quite the gentleman. Their next dance they'll be seniors!

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  1. Love the "double redheads"! And enjoy reading for fun--it's one of my guilty pleasures!