Bucket List

At the request of my oldest daughter, please find below my "Bucket List" which is certain to grow.  I will include some goals which were finished prior to making this list, just for fun.

  1. Run 26.2 miles in 3 hours and 45 minutes, officially timed and recorded at an approved marathon event.  AKA, qualify for the Boston Marathon.
  2. Kidnap the girls and go to France, Italy, and Spain in the spring.
  3. Enjoy Germany during Christmas with the family.
  4. Grow an amazing salsa garden and make/can to-die-for salsa.
  5. Be the funnest grandma ever... but not too soon.  They can call me Gram.
  6. Learn to quilt works of art... and give them away.
  7. Provide a cook-out for the homeless. 
  8. Sail the Mediterranean Sea with Dave.
  9. Finish and publish the book I started.
  10. Show Benny Hawaii.  
  11. Take piano lessons at least until I can play every Hymn in the book beautifully.
  12. Complete a complicated puzzle alone.
  13. Have a Christmas where every gift under the tree is completely homemade. 
  14. Graduate from BYU.
  15. Have children and watch them grow.
  16. Get married in the temple.
  17. Paint something beautiful enough to be appreciated by another.
  18. Create a secret recipe.
  19. "Find" an ancestor.
  20. Complete a marathon.
  21. Ride in a hot air balloon. 
  22. Visit an Amish community and purchase something wonderful and unique.
  23. Set foot in every state of the country.
  24. See Nauvoo.
  25. Leave an enormous tip for a waitress. 
  26. Provide a Christmas for a struggling family.
  27. Soak up a sunset until the image is burned into my soul.
  28. Soak up a sunrise until the image is burned into my soul.
  29. Bike all day through vineyards and countryside.
  30. Read a book, cover to cover, by a real crackling fire.
  31. Yoga on redrock in the middle of the desert.
  32. Leave groceries anonymously for someone who needs it.
  33. Pay for a random family's order at a restaurant.
  34. Experience the Northern Lights.
  35. Picnic on a high cliff overlooking the ocean.
  36. Make a perfect gingerbread house complete with ginger family inside.
  37. Drive from sea to shining sea.
  38. Establish a house of order.  Permanently. 
  39. Organize, scan, and file every photo I own.
  40. Sneak away to Portugal on my own.
  41. Return to my "ideal weight."  And stay there.
  42. Go for a long walk on the beach with Dave.
  43. Live in a house for as long as I lived in Seattle.
  44. Have a family "lock-down" and do nothing but play games for 24 hours.
  45. Find old friends.
  46. Learn to ballroom/swing dance.
  47. Surprise Dave with an outstandingly delicious dinner when he least expects it.
  48. See the Olympics in person.
  49. Raise big funds for families with sick children.
  50. Swing from rope into a river.