Sunday, May 2, 2010

Vacation Time

Hawaii became our family's getaway spot the first time we went... on our family honeymoon :o) We have been to the Big Island, Oahu, Maui, and Kauai, and love them all differently for what they each have to offer. My favorite thing about Hawaii is that it is so remote. I love the time we have together, away from distractions and phones and DVR recordings and homework and work work and community responsibilities, etc... Selfish, maybe, but I love to have my family all to myself sometimes.

Dania tries to keep a schedule, even while we're away, which is great! Otherwise, I think we might sleep through the entire vacation. Tori keeps us laughing and finds the funniest things in everything. Dave knows Hawaii very well so is a fantastic tour guide on drives or whatever. I'm just there for the ride. The closest Benny has come to Hawaii, is the summer 2008--I was pregnant with him.

We spent 5 1/2 weeks on Oahu that summer, which was a lovely opportunity to bond, just the four of us, before the baby came the following October. Why are there no pictures of me? I was swollen. REALLY swollen. My feet blended in with my knees, each the end of a large and tightly filled tube what otherwise would have been recognized as a shin/calf. The ocean water was amazing to sooth my feet, however, and I get homesick to go back even still.

Prior to that summer, we have had the opportunity to go with family over Thanksgiving and share a house. Maui beaches are amazing! And of course our family honeymoon to the Big Island--was unforgettable.

This year we will try something new and go to Jamaica together, as a result of a work meeting there for me. I look forward to the same things there, as I always do with Hawaii. A long way from home and distractions, and a short way to building more memories.

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