Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Wilds of Connecticut

"Welcome to the wilds of Connecticut!" one person told me. This is our neighbor, Baloo, he is one of the bears that live in our area. I suppose you know you're living rural when you see more wildlife than humans. At first Baloo was exciting and we took pictures and admired him from afar. He is big, seems majestic, and unusual. Then he became a nuisance. He tore the lock and trim off the shed door and took our trash. He poops on our lawn. He leaves just enough fear in our hearts to not let Benny fully enjoy the large yard we have. Baloo is not welcome here, and I can think of a great place for a bearskin rug... or two or three.

Having said that, we do appreciate the beauty of this place. We truly live in the middle of the woods where the stars are breathtaking, the wildlife is amazing, the nature is calming, and the privacy is comforting. Home feels like Heaven here. It's not fancy, it's just a haven from the world. It was our only option, if we were going to live in Canton, and I feel blessed to know that it was saved for us. The fireplace is set to go, for that first cozy night of hot chocolate and cider. I feel it in my bones, it's not too far away!

The mountains aren't nearly as rugged and steep as they are in the Rockies, but the woods are. We're not high in altitude but we're high in seasons. The rivers are wider and calmer and the lakes are pristine. The trails beckon, the attractions call, the adventure awaits. We have only just begun. NYC is incredible, Boston is exciting, Rhode Island is dreamy. The ocean seems easy-going, but the weather is definitely opinionated. History surrounds us while the future lies at our toes. Ready, set, go, we're stepping ahead.

The "wilds of Connecticut" are just that - wild. As my mom keeps saying, it's like another country here, but somehow we find our sense of home sweet home the minute we pull up our (roughly) 1/3 mile gravel driveway and walk through the doors which are open to all.

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