Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

Okay, must admit here, I have never really been into Halloween. I do not enjoy scary movies and I don't appreciate gore. Having said that, I think it's darling when kids choose something they want to be in real life, for their Halloween costume. Benny wants to be a fireman, of course. Who wouldn't? Everything firetruck here, especially when we're in need of a bribery, ehem, "encouragement" tool. Benny didn't want to come out of the McDonald's play area, so "Benny, should we go find a firetruck?" It was time for potty-training, so "Benny, you get to wear the fireman's hat and blow the horn when you go potty!" And when it's time for bed? You got it, firetruck jammies. Can't complain at all though, who doesn't want their son to aim for hero status? Here's to the day we get to dream big. Happy Halloween, all!

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