Monday, October 3, 2011

Big Boy Ben (and the golden Birthday)

4 years ago we gave up. Literally. I got a job, sold the Suburban, bought a Jetta, lost my weight, and moved on. 3 years ago, we couldn't believe our eyes. Red and wrinkly, soft and warm, and straight from Heaven. 2 years ago he walked and talked and filled our home and days and lives with immeasurable joy. 1 year ago we couldn't keep up with him - a tornado of energy, happiness, innocence. Today, our big boy Ben turns 3. More than ever we celebrate his presence in our family and the glorious chaos and noise and mess that he makes. We celebrate the miracle of life and answers to prayer and yes, even God's plan and timing in all things. More than ever, we celebrate Ben--his personality, his smile, his wit, his sweetness, his comedy, his strength, his voice, his laughter. Happy birthday to Ben, our constant reminder that "Sunday will come."

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