Monday, May 23, 2011

Just Askin'...

As is often noted by many people, running parallels life in countless ways. One of my main struggles with my running is that it takes me a good 3 miles to warm up and get into the rhythm of the run. Sometimes this is 75% of the day's run... then it's over!

This weekend I attended my daughter's seminary graduation--could not believe it. It seems like we just got into the rhythm of our relationship--we understand each other--we LIKE each other--we do things and respect things and dream things together. And now she's going off to BYU to pursue her own goals and dreams and life. We were just getting warmed up.

So my question is... how do we warm up faster at the start of the run or the relationship or the life, in order to minimize the shuffle-stepping and maximize the long strides and thrilling distance? Not complaining here, it's exciting to see the new phases of life coming; but is there a secret out there, that makes the most of the whole experience? How can we warm up before hand and hit the ground running? Just askin'... and seriously hoping for answers.


  1. I think it's more a coming of age thing personally. They get to the point where they are more settled and comfortable with who they are and as they get closer to moving out and becoming independent they look at you differently and begin to appreciate you a little bit more. It will continue to be wonderful and the bond you have will get stronger as they experience life and will span time and distance. You will still be involved just in a different way. They become better friends to you. Life is sweet that way.

  2. The warming up period is when they are young, the cool down is when they turn into teenagers..But the amazing part is the final workout leaves you completely in shape when they graduate and finally mature. It's all up hill from there, you've already put in the time, now you get to reap the benefits.

    Even though they are gone, they're not really far away. Watch and see, you'll be amazed!!

    I had a hard teenager but something about college transformed if I had known about that when he was 16 I would have sent him sooner! HA!!