Sunday, November 21, 2010

Family Pictures!!

If we ever thought coordinating life with teenagers and toddlers was difficult, this week confirmed it when we attempted a family photo session with Lindsey Orton. It is difficult to believe that she got as many quality shots as she did, considering the crazy combination that was certain to be reflected in our pictures.

Much to our surprise (and gratitude), a screaming two year old and 3 females who could barely walk in the heels we wore were not the highlights that stood out in the treasures we sorted through this morning. Reminders in the images that these sisters truly do love each other deeply, a husband and wife who share lovingly "the dream," a sweet Daddy and son relationship, and Mom and daughters friendship will be forever valued. How blessed we should feel, and how appropriate to be reminded of such eternal treasures over Thanksgiving weekend.

Looking through the pictures that will soon be on our wall, it felt like time stopped and eternity overwhelmed the heart. There is nothing more satisfying or fulfilling than to look into the eyes of my husband, daughters, and son and knowing that we are forever there, for one another; to love and encourage, to uplift and rejoice with, endure and enjoy. Simply put, families really are forever. No doubt about it, family love and support and unity reaches throughout all time and into the deepest unending elements of existence.

Thank you Lindsey Orton, for the patience, professionalism, and talent you shared with our family, and for creating these keepsakes for us to look back on always!

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  1. Okay. You guys are adorable! What the heck. It's not fair for you to be that cute when the rest of the world can't be. Anyway, You're awesome.