Monday, October 25, 2010

Another Season

This year was especially sentimental at the end of the Cross Country season. Dania ran her last race at the state finals and Tori ran her first. What a fantastic thing to watch, as they each practically ran a 2nd race as they cheered one another up the hills, around the corners, over the river, and yes, through the woods. I was so incredibly proud of them during those few hours. Not because they can run fast enough to qualify for the race, but because of the support they gave one another. I will never forget it. State, to the girls, was a reward for months of hard work. For me, state was "payday." 3 days after my birthday--well worth the belated present! Every mother wants to see her kids love and support each other. I was lucky enough to witness it for myself.

"Love at Home" is fantastic... but knowing it continues on when they walk out that front door, is real happiness.

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