Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Music To My Eyes

So everyone has heard of the "Soccer Mom", and there is a place for her. I, however, am a "Runner Mom". I do not belong on the bleachers. Cross Country Running is a fantastic and spirited sport for the runners themselves, but even more spectacular for the parents. Attending one of these races might be confusing to some, but for those of us who live for the season of the winged shoe it is exhilarating and inspiring. Crowds of spectators ebb and flow throughout the entire 5k course--you almost have to be a runner, to watch a runner here.

I know I am into the season when I know the names of each runner on the team. I feel part of the team when I know the route, and go to the toughest part of the course to cheer them up the climb. I know I'm a runner mom when I don't care how many people are in the stands watching me run across the empty football field - ALONE - to meet my girl during her final lap to the finish, screaming "LAST KICK, WOOOOO HOOOOOOOO, YOU CAN DO THIS, YOU ARE STRONG!!" While this is most assuredly a "sight", the best sight I have ever seen was not at the finish line or up a climb or during a kick.

This year Tori became a freshman at Timpview and ran Cross Country with Dania. It was there that I got to see the two of them supporting one another in their efforts. It was music to my eyes. I couldn't ask for better girls or sisters or friends. They are examples in so many ways and I love them for that. Dania sets the pace and Tori keeps it going. There are many benefits in being a runner mom, all of which, come from the view.

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